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Moomoo ponchos for kids

April 11, 2017

On my quest to find cool attire for this year's festivals and camping trips I stumbled upon Moomoo ponchos and immediately wanted some for my children. I love a poncho - I've only ever picked them up in charity shops before but I've been on the look-out for a while for some cool designs.

Not only are they practical and warm - they come in an array of colours and designs too.

The ponchos are designed and hand-made in Britain by Nadine Morgan, an experienced fashion designer with a worldwide background in design, manufacture and quality control in the garment and textile industry.

The ponchos are made from lightweight, warm and soft polar wool, the fabric is showerproof and holds less than 1% of its weight in water.

As the material is fleece it is machine washable and dries very quickly too. All of the designs comply with children's safety regulations, plus manufacturing and testing standards.

My three are testing out the ButterflyMoo fringed hooded poncho; the ZigZagMoo fringed poncho and the ApacheMoo hooded poncho. 

The fabric is gorgeous in colour, pattern and texture and the butterfly poncho has a really cute button. 

Fin is wearing the ApacheMoo -  and he's also testing out a hybrid design - which is a shorter poncho with sleeves.


  • My girls would love these! Especially my middle. Again, awesome photos!
    barriebismark a month ago Reply
    • Sarah
      They are pretty great. Thanks so much. Sarah
      Sarah 25 days ago
  • Lisa Pomerantz
    Oh, my girls would love these! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! #FabFridayPost xo
    Lisa Pomerantz a month ago Reply
    • Sarah
      Your girls would look extra cute Lisa. Sarah
      Sarah 25 days ago
  • Cal at Family Makes
    These ponchos are gorgeous - what a great idea for camping and festivals. They will be absolutely ideal, and your kids look so cool in them! #FabFridayPost
    Cal at Family Makes a month ago Reply
    • Sarah
      Thank you Cal. Sarah
      Sarah a month ago
  • Lauren M (The Helpful Hiker)
    These look so beautiful, I love the vibrant designs. They look perfect for sitting round the campfire when camping, or those chilly mornings. I really want one for myself! Thank you for linking up to #adventurecalling
    Lauren M (The Helpful Hiker) a month ago Reply
    • Sarah
      I know - I think I need one too! Sarah
      Sarah a month ago
  • oldhouseintheshires
    Amazing photos. These look great. #FabFridayPost
    oldhouseintheshires a month ago Reply
    • Sarah
      Thanks very much - we love them! Sarah
      Sarah a month ago
  • Elizabeth
    Very cute!
    Elizabeth a month ago Reply
    • Sarah
      Thank you Elizabeth.
      Sarah a month ago
  • Potty Adventures
    With festival season sneaking up at a rate of knots these look great. I'm impressed that they're fleece, because as you say, they're light, warm and dry quickly - very important for a British festival!  
    Potty Adventures a month ago Reply
    • Sarah
      Definitely right! We've experienced mixed weather at festivals and haven't always been prepared. Sarah
      Sarah a month ago
  • Jo
    These are so cute and look cosy too #adventurecalling 
    Jo a month ago Reply
    • Sarah
      Thank you Jo, we really love them. Kids put them on after swimming yesterday and kept them cosy all the way home. Sarah
      Sarah a month ago
  • Ashley Beolens
    They look great, and perfect for kids camping etc. #AdventureCalling
    Ashley Beolens a month ago Reply
    • Sarah
      They are really good as they're lightweight but warm. Sarah
      Sarah a month ago